Friday, 18 November 2016

Application for 2017 Fixtures

Application for 2017 Fixtures
Please complete your fixture application form and return a “Hard Copy” to Ian McPherson, our esteemed Convener by 16th December 2016.   NO digital versions via email please.
If you don’t have email you wont be reading this, so just use the conventional method and pick up a form at reception.
Please either leave your completed form at reception marked for Ian’s attention or send it to him at home.

We are delighted to welcome 5 new members to the Group:
Bill Pate
Angus McPhail
John Stewart
Jim Hynd
Ian Tait

Senior’s Dinner 2017
You can never be too early to book the event of the year.  Thursday 5th October 2017 may seem a long way away, but tickets will be in great demand so get in quick!